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Day of Goodness

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Step 1

What is a good act? A Constructive (beneficial) interaction to help fulfill or serve the purpose of other people or things - may be something to consider.

Step 2

Search for learning aids and activities to engage yourself and others in the celebration of world "Day of Goodness".  Think about it, talk about it.

Step 3

Write a song, story, slogan or prayer, design a poster or website, "About steps we can take to do good" in our family, our neighborhood, our city, our state, our country or the world in as many languages as you can. You can do this fun project with children at home or school.

Step 4

Help community groups organize "Day of Goodness" events, such as school plays and other programs, community programs, writing contests, art contests, letters to the editor, or mall displays. Contests offering single group prizes of "Goodness" are effective. You can connect the "Day of Goodness" theme with a neighborhood concern, an environmental concern, a peace concern, a learning concern, and many others.

Step 5

Write organizations, government and religious bodies and ask them to introduce ideas to promote activities for a "Day of Goodness".