What are You doing on June 21, 2012?

 Day of Goodness

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There are many issues which weigh heavily on society, which touch all individuals and drive us apart. Most of the issues are highly complex, interwoven and require the continuing efforts of leaders of the world to plan meetings, develop strategies and utilize countless resources to put into place a series of steps that may be started in years or decades. Although we need these efforts, we need us to use our feelings and efforts, we could ignite progress with a spark and we could drive progress to reality with a unified push from everyone.


On June 21, 2012 could we have a “Day of Goodness"?


The idea would grow slowly at first, but by June 21, 2012 the idea could become a cause, and the cause could become a movement and the movement would influence everyone and everything. Could we plan to advocate for one day of Goodness in the world, one day when we ask all people to share with us unity, compassion, charity, and goodness? From the beginning stroke of midnight in Fiji on June 21, 2012 to the last second of that day in Barrow, Alaska, would it be possible for us to ask all people in the world to do Good? All people are born with the ability to do Good, almost all people want to do Good and many people do Good. But, can we get All people to interact constructively with other people or things and do Good? This special "Day of Goodness" would not require us to spend many resources to make the idea blossom.  


Everyone can participate, everyone can lead an activity and everyone will have the opportunity to plant that feeling within. People would think a little about it at first, and then start the process of preparation, all the while the feeling will grow. Although it will be a “Day of Goodness” the idea will sprout, take root in many and spread into the fields of humanity. In schools and gatherings of groups and organizations- any place where people are, there could be a short discussion on how to plan a day of constructive interaction when we help other people and improve conditions.


People can plan a day when they clean the neighborhoods, feed the hungry, visit friends and neighbors, play fun games with anyone, teach, help, have contests, sing songs, perform plays, write articles, talk about it, think about it, almost any constructive interaction can be planned by almost any person or organization. The list of good things is endless. We can make the activity fit our abilities.


Please consider supporting a “Day of Goodness” on June 21, 2012, the longest day of the year, when people will have the most time to do good. We have universal days, “No Smoking Day”, “Earth Day”, “Vegan Day”, and others, why not a day when humanity could be the best it can be?