Unification of God & Man


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A Treatise on the Science of Religion


  Edmund Michaels


During times of struggle individuals often ask, why?  Expecting a response, people turn to God for answers, as they have for eons.  Then as the situation unfolds Godís presence or lack of it is felt.  What is the connection?  What is Godís role in Manís interactions?  Both religious zealots and skeptics use faith to explain social discourse but Manís interactions are based upon a science that was started 13-14 billion years ago.  The science has evolved as Man has evolved and explains Manís place in the cosmos.  The secret to the meaning of life is found in the most complex instrument ever constructed, the brain.  This book attempts to bring science and religion closer, giving credence to the believer and cynic.  God created the universe and all things in it, including Man.  Man continues to evolve trying to rejoin with God.  However, this goal of unification creates strife within the primitive and cognitive being, producing emotions.  Man must learn to use his brain to overcome all obstacles, including unification with God.


Harmony is synchronization, the act of working together, between men and within the man.  Humans will change the world by being good, which is learning to perform constructive interference.  We must then teach this simple yet difficult concept to our children while simultaneously inspiring other adults to do the same.  Goodness can instantly triumph over evil.  Demonstrating to evil itís own sins and the goodness in the one it wants to hurt may be necessary in the interaction however, the foremost and most difficult duty is to reveal the deep family connection between the two. 


Harmony explains what exploded in the Big Bang, what gave rise to gravity, the development of evolution and the birth of Man.  It explains when the fetus acquires the soul and thus when life starts.  The brain and mind constantly wrestle for harmonious existence the result of which is crime, terrorism and power.  These can be explained and the result is not just knowledge but unification.


Manís life is complex; it is not only based upon beliefs but upon facts.  Not only does this book make an effort to justify the above it also attempts to give light to time-travel, give reasons for cancer and clarity to thought.  This treatise lays a foundation for education and social harmony through the relationship that is the unique human nervous system.